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What is tantric massage or tantra massage like for woman?

Updated: Mar 22, 2020

In today’s world, many people have different ideas on exactly what tantric massage is and how it should be performed. This is mainly because a tantric massage can be given differently depending on your masseuses style or experience. There are also a wide variety of modern, erotic, body to body massage services offered by masseur that are all promoted using the ‘tantric massage’ label.

For most women, tantric massage or tantra massage is an escape from reality and a way to focus on themselves and their needs. It is an extremely intimate encounter that helps them explore their own sexuality and body. This massage therapy helps women connect with aspects and parts of themselves that usually go unnoticed. It also helps to awaken the dormant kundalini energy. Also, a lot of women feel liberated after getting a tantric massage. They finally feel free and discover that the power to pleasure themselves lies within themselves. Since women are not educated to fully express their femininity, tantric massage helps them in discovering their sexual desires.

Tantric massage is a special type of massage that uses sexual energy to relax the person into the state of feeling that physical boundaries have dissolved. Tantric massage is not a quickie experience. “The experience should be one of total relaxation, within a safe, comfortable and undisturbed environment.

in tantric massage, the idea is that the ‘giver’, or therapist in this case, will focus on giving pleasure to the ‘receiver’ i.e. you. This is very different to many sensual experiences you may have encountered as in this scenario, you will be more concerned with the pleasure you are receiving without attempting to give it back. The idea is to simply lay back and experience the pleasure of the tantric massage as a receiver.

What you can expect from a Tantric Massage?

Most providers who offer a professional modern tantric massage will incorporate different touch techniques to heighten your sexual arousal. By bringing your arousal levels up and down, your masseuse should take you on a journey of seduction that makes you ride ‘waves of pleasure’. Specifically, the expectation is for the receiver to reach an orgasm at the end of the session through stimulation of the lingham or yoni and body to body massage.

The purpose of the session is not to get to ejaculation that is different from orgasm.

The goal is to experience possibilities of sensations and pleasure from a new perspective, which is the science of Tantra: a path of growth, expansion and awareness.

Sensory Massage - The purpose of the sensory massage is to explore new possibilities of pleasure, starting from a new perspective: to offer a new path of growth, expansion and awareness. Sensory Massage is not a sexual massage; the goal is not to climax, orgasm focused on the genitals, as is known in common sex, but to change the idea that the orgasm is exclusively linked to the genitals.

In this massage, the whole sensory potential of your body is awakened and you discover a new orgasmic perspective, a new form of pleasure! Throughout the massage an incredible electric discharge appropriates the body, expanding the perception and the sensibility, taking the person who receives to a deeply pleasurable and meditative state. The results of massage manifest in the physical body and in the emotions, leading reflexes to the mind

Yoni Massage-The purpose of this technique is to provide women with greater awareness of their body, recognition of the orgasmic potential they carry, to allow awareness and experimentation of orgasms, developing other possibilities of pleasure on a new perspective: to offer a new path of growth, expansion and awareness .In Yoni Massage, the work is focused, oversized and intensified in Vagina (Yoni).

It is important to stress that these genital manipulations are techniques that have nothing to do with masturbation, but with deeply studied and researched stimuli specifically applied to increase the sensory aspect of the genital region, providing a kind of pleasure and altered states of perception and consciousness never experienced in usual masturbatory or sexual manipulations. In Yoni Massage, women often experience multiple orgasms, with no decline in pleasure, and an expansion of energy toward the 7th Chakra - Sahasrara, a center of energy located at the top of the head, bound to the sacred, to the divine aspect that exists within us .

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