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What is tantra massage? first timers, its benefits & what to expect

Updated: Mar 14, 2021

What is tantra massage?

Massage is all about another person works your muscles with just the right amount of pressure to relieve pain and reduce stress. Tantric massage is similar to an extent however, unlike traditional massage, it’s quite a different experience and involves healing, nudity, your private parts and often orgasms.

Tantric Massage is a combination of loving touch that gently soothes the body and senses while at the same time stimulating the spiritual life force that we know of as sexual energy into awakening. It is a sensual journey into our emotions, which allows us to discover a number of small worlds within ourselves and which enables us to get into touch with our feelings, memories, desires and zest for life in a deep and healing way.

For starters, you’re usually not wearing clothes. First, you’re massaged all over your body with warm oil. The massage and touch works to awaken your erotic energy and spread it throughout your whole body.

The primary benefit of a Tantric Massage is that of self-knowledge. To become acquainted with yourself as a sensual being is to also initiate an awareness of your Self as a Being that is not just a mind or body. Through conscious touch, your body and mind will heal and re-pattern itself from the conditioning that has permeated society that pleasure is bad and that spirituality has to involve a denial of our sexuality. Relaxation is the portal, and surrendering control in order to receive without having to give anything in return are the keys which open the door to this awareness of ourselves as pure Spirit.

What to expect from a Tantric Massage? -

Most providers who offer a professional modern tantric massage will incorporate different touch techniques to heighten your sexual arousal. By bringing your arousal levels up and down, your therapist should take you on a journey of seduction that makes you ride ‘waves of pleasure’. Specifically, the expectation is for the receiver to reach an orgasm at the end of the session through stimulation of yoni and body to body massage.

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